"Drawing a line"

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Re: "Drawing a line"

Post  alex e on Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:56 pm

littleart-fx wrote:Alex, what is the question here,........? Suspect

In little bonsailand we live by unwritten rules, and i admire this forum especialy ........trees have set up here humbely,
If anyone can spend a fortune on a tree he buys what a seedling could become.
Them path's in achieving this are not the same.....but are there

Here in Holland we call this comparing apples from pears......

The competition statements are made, live it.
(Hmmm sorry world i call them politics..... they havent got nothing to do with the effort made in one single tree and the tree doesn't show that)

If you are a competitive person it curls toe's (the end of feet)
If you are not you want to show the achievement you made, you can stumble uppon a price,....nice

i do and take an edit,......the artist owns the tree,......you pay i make hombre.......artists need material....and yes i know...more more more!

I am living bonsai now since 5 years in these years with help from eric sanders i made some good starters it just begins now.
Patience in growing and gathering knowledge is for me far out the best thing, bonsai's don't run bounce the one who cares could do that for them Evil or Very Mad

See shows, learn gather and take the adrenalin of it,......and shove it bit by bit in the pots u own,....my humble opinion.

And yes, sharing knowledge is a gift!

Grtzz from Holland, where my turtles had there first meal since..........yes i hate snow!

Edit,...the creator takes credit and wants to form,.....the owner? the creator needs input and material......more more more.....this is how it works
and i know,.....sorry Embarassed
sorry!! only catching part of your drift I refer you back to my original thread
Rolling Eyes Alex e
alex e

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Re: "Drawing a line"

Post  Jay Gaydosh on Wed Mar 24, 2010 3:51 pm

I just like seeing the trees and dreaming of the possibilities of mine.

I would no sooner buy a dog, send it off to a trainer and show professional never to see the dog again, than I would go out and buy a bonsai strictly so I could say I own it.

I do own 3 trees that were given to me. They reside in my back yard and may someday make it to a photo file in my Webshots account. But the work done to them since receiving them is mine. They might even make a trip to a show.

But to me, the entire love affair with little trees is all about my care, my diligence and my relaxing in my back yard enjoying my forest. While I do plan on working to improve my craft (art, work, skill or whatever you want to call it) I do it to put myself into the tree, not the tree into the public eye.

I guess that might even be considered selfish on my part... Oh well!
Jay Gaydosh

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