Korean (TV) dramas-- Confucian hulu

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Korean (TV) dramas-- Confucian hulu

Post  Chris Cochrane on Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:33 pm

A bonsai friend asked if I'd ever seen Dae Jang Geum (a.k.a., Jewel in the Palace) a couple of months ago. He recommended purchasing the video or renting it from Netflix. After a bit of web searching, I found it available through licensed streaming video on Dramafever.com. I hesitate to recommend anyone start a 54-hour streaming video marathon, but each episode of Jewel' was a page-turner for me. Each "K-drama" drives home ethical decisions with good & bad overtly distinguished. Bonsai are sprinkled among props.

There is an Asian American students' gathering in Philadelphia this weekend which is sponsoring a month of free "premium service (no advertising)" on Dramafever. Key "ECAASU2010" as a promotion code when signing-up, but I imagine this ends soon. Due to licensing limitation, the streaming video is only sent to North American servers to the extent Dramafever can control it.

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Chris Cochrane

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