My new rock (suitable for viewing stone? pictures!)

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My new rock (suitable for viewing stone? pictures!)

Post  curiouscomputer on Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:06 am

I just got this stone this weekend at the Everett Rock and Gem Show via a silent auction. For a very cheap price. Very Happy





It is VERY porous. If I pick it up, after a few seconds in my hand, the moisture/oils transfer to the rock, and it gets "moisture spots".

When I got the rock home, I cleaned it with a stiff brush to remove loose dirt and stains. I noticed in the holes were clam shells. They were stuck inside the holes! 1 clam per hole. I'm extrapolating that the holes were created by the clams somehow burying into the rock, getting shelter in this way. I know of other types of sea creatures which do this (such as sea urchins) and appear to be eating the rock as they burrow, and can become stuck inside as they grow too large to escape the hole they have made for themselves.

At this point, shaking the rock would cause the clam shells inside to make a nice melodic sound similar to maracas (musical instrument).

I decided to remove the shells. Now I'm kind of wishing I hadn't been so hasty to do so.

Please give opinions about this rock. Can I display it in a daiza? I do not have any history about where it might have come from. Does anybody have ideas?



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