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Request for Pictures

Post  bonsaisr on Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:34 pm

Some of you have seen the articles I wrote for International Bonsai magazine on growing bonsai under fluorescent lights. I am writing a PowerPoint on the subject. I have been trying to find pictures of the history of indoor gardening, to no avail. I tried contacting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Sylvania, what remains of the Indoor Light Gardening Society, and the museum that houses the Westinghouse archives, all without success. There is little that I can use on the Internet.
It would be nice to have a picture of the fluorescent light exhibit at the World's Fair (I was there), a picture of one of the old grow-light fixtures with places for incandescent bulbs, and pictures of early attempts at growing bonsai indoors. Also, I could use a few pictures of modern setups, especially with T-5 lights. I am excluding HID lamps, because that is really quite a different environment. I don't expect to make any big money on this, just my expenses. If anybody has any suitable pictures, it would be most appreciated. Of course all due credit will be given.

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