California Juniper just repotted

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Post  mike page on Tue Jan 19, 2010 4:48 pm

gman wrote:To bring this back to Mike’s tree.......and the virtual(s) that folks have made....
IMHO I think that too much foliage on this tree as in Tony’s and Pavel’s virts would be too much. Looking at the tree, with the true signs of a long hard struggle against mother natures elements (the many basal jins, shari and top), I think it would tell the story better with less.
Cheers G
p.s. I think the other discussion here is a misunderstanding of a local show compared too a regional or national exhibit, which to me are completely different and thus the quality of trees could/would be just as different.

G, you see the situation correctly. A desert/high mountain tree shouldn't have the lush foliage of a meadow/riverside tree.
Re. showing the tree; by June, the foliage will have developed enough for a local club show. I certainly wouldn't try to enter it in the National Exhibit in Rochester. Maybe in a couple of years.

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