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Post  Vlad on Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:02 pm

I was thinking how to eliminate/reduce the debrits left in the substrate after using Biogold.   Not very happy with the frequently used tea bags.   I think that while this application fix the problem with debrits the cakes dissolve extremely slowly ( I may be doing something badly though... alien )

I have been using tubes to hold the fert in the position for some time - again this is something widely used.   Last year I have made few adjustments to reduce the "contamination" of substrate with debrits.  

The bottom of the tube is covered with the synthetic gauze.  Inside the tube there is a bottom layer of sphagnum moss then few pellets of biogold and another layer of sphagnum moss.   Thats it.

The first layer of moss prevents debrits to get into the soil and also keeps the inner part = pellets moist.  The top layer of moss helps to keep the humidity on  approriate level most of the time ( at least for my watering frequency ).   Standard watering provides the plant with a reasonable supply of fert.  And if I need to push it more then I use 5 l sprayer can and flush the water directly via tubes.

Last year I have used a lid to cover the top  ( another piece of mesh - this time a piece of plastics ) to keep the blackbirds away. Not using it anymore now - the population of blackbirds has been reduced dramatically last year due to the infection.

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