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Yamadori hawthorn  Empty Yamadori hawthorn

Post  Pat 51 on Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:16 pm

I was fortunate to have access to a forest near to where I live, I decided to go in search of some decent sized hawthorn .
I found two with a good 6 or 7ā€ girth (Iā€™m a relative beginner) with the forest floor being so fertile they came up with ease so I removed the tops dug them up and took them home and planted them in large training boxes,this was about 4 weeks ago and therewas a few buds left on .
After further research I found I should of dug around and left the plant for a year, these had few or no fibrous roots , however the buds have developed into leaves , is this the tree living off the remaining sap or are they going to survive .
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Pat 51

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