My very first plant - tamarind

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Re: My very first plant - tamarind

Post  JanG. on Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:44 am

Hello everybody,
I have short update. One of my tamarind sapling seemed to me like it stucked in growing and developing. It is the one which were in that yellow bottom piece of a PET flask. It was interesting to me, that it has rootball of a lot thin roots. And this is exactly what everybody want Very Happy A soil was construction gravel (unsieved gravel with 0 - 4mm parts size) and soil for tropical plants 1:1.
I only barerooted it and replant it into an airpot (finally it arrived). I used different soil for planting, so I will see what will happen.

No leaves development and small leaves - after checking the container it was mostly filled with roots - maybe the replanting is a good choice.

Best regards

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