JBP 2nd Trunk chop

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JBP 2nd Trunk chop

Post  timahlen on Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:57 am

This is a 14 year old tree, started from seed, grown in a colander and put in the ground about 6 years ago. It is vigorous and will one day be a very nice formal/informal upright (I hope!).  I am currently in the process of trunk chopping it down to about 18inches tall.  I made one chop two years ago at the spot marked.  It has recovered vigorously, and now I am ready to go to the next chop.  My question is, can I take it all the way down to the second black line in the photo?  It will lose 30-40% of its foliage if I do.  What are some factors I need to take into consideration before doing a second chop?


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