Jacqueline Hillier Elm

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Jacqueline Hillier Elm

Post  AcerSai on Thu May 11, 2017 6:42 pm

I picked up this Jacqueline Hillier Elm at a local landscape nursery last fall for $50, I was ecstatic! I'd found a couple in 4" pots for $25 a couple of times, but they were a long way from anything but a shohin broom.

So this is it last fall, I LOVED the double trunk!As you can see in the virtual I did I decided to chop it back and regrow from there, based on advice from you guys.

This spring it's popping buds EVERYWHERE, and after some moderate root work I uncovered more of the surface roots and was pleased to find there were no major eyesores or issues. I'm excited to see where this tree goes.

I don't see many of these around the forums, anyone else growing this beautiful elm? I'd love to see them!

Peace! -Adam

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