Alnus. incana, +Sambucus racemosa

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Alnus. incana, +Sambucus racemosa

Post  stoneage on Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:07 pm

alnus 1 year since i catched it....maybe i try to carv the trunk were a brach is gone...hope this spieces can handle that..

Sambucus racemosa 1 year training..braches tend to grow to long..not so good for bonsai maybee ..but i wanted to try Rolling Eyes red berrys that are poisones...

the shrub im not sure what it is..and there is one Ilex crenata...i try to grow bonsai or 1.5 years now and its great fun
but alot to learn..this forum is very helpful doe pitty we only have 4 months summer here in sweden..

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