Acer campestre_on its way to become a shohin. One day...

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Acer campestre_on its way to become a shohin. One day...

Post  Vlad on Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:07 pm

I am a Believer.  And I am a Dreamer.

I believe that there was a time when the famous A. buergerianum and the other species of Acers in Japan have +/- the similar growing patterns as the other species of the same genus in the other parts of the world.  And I believe that it was a steady and patient horticulture combined with a hard selection focused on specific traits that make them the way they are now.

I dream about Acers native in Europe to get on the same quality level....   Just a dream?

Well, having a close look on this Field maple below - yes, it will be a long journey Twisted Evil . For sure a few generations of keen enthusiasts focused on thorough cultivation and exchange of material/experience.  Impossible?  In EUROPE?
But as Jake said to Brett:" Isn't it pretty to think so?"  (Fiesta, E.H.)

Dec 2009

Aug 2016

Size of the leaves ( Well, only a few of them have this size Cool . But there was no defoliation this year and the leaf size is not the primary target for now )

Well healed scar - result of the trunk chop

The height of the tree with leaves: 19 cm
Oversized pot is being used as I try to improve the nebari.  The gravel on the top of the soil should keep the blackbirds and their  beaks in a reasonable distance.

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