Air layered Chinese Perfume tree

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Air layered Chinese Perfume tree

Post  novsai_Koloy on Thu May 19, 2016 1:19 pm

Hi to all,

I was was playing around and checking whether I could air layer some of our plants at home. One of the subjects I had is this Chinese perfume tree. Sorry I didn't took any picture of the mother tree. So here's the result.

Around March this year, it's been sitting on this pot for around 3 months already so I thought the air layering and transplant was a success.

I think it was healthy enough since it was rendering a lot of new shoots and flowers so I did prune it. I'm not sure whether the pruning I did was at the right time or done in the correct way but one thing I know is that no matter how hard I pruned the mother plant and on anytime of the year it would still give me a lot of new shoots after 2 weeks or so. cheers

After a month or so when I felt that the new shoots had matured and seeing it had recovered from my pruning, I tried carving some of the branches. So here's the result. I know I'm not yet good with the carving and pruning tasks, especially on choosing the right materials, but yeah in due time experience will pay off.

I'll let this plant recover for now. Let the leaves thicken up while I play with my other plants or find another test subjects. Twisted Evil

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