My First Attempt

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My First Attempt

Post  Kris on Thu Apr 14, 2016 12:04 am

Hi, this is my first attempt at bonsai.  It is a Juniperous procumbens nana.  I purchased it as nursery stock in (I think) ten gallon size.

I still have some small detail pruning to do, but here it is to start.  It will be fun training this until it's a mature bonsai.  I'm thinking of wiring that top branch back towards the trunk, what do you all think?

Comments and criticisms welcome!


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Re: My First Attempt

Post  kevin stoeveken on Thu Apr 14, 2016 5:50 pm

i dont think wiring that branch back toward the trunk would be the way to go, considering how much effort you put into all the other direction going the other way...

when removing all those branches, it would have been good to leave behind some stubs that could be made into interesting jin, but you cant cut them back on, so... next time

if you would like to do one more thing to it (before following the next paragraph) i might suggest getting some heavier wire and putting some movement into the long straight length of trunk...

BUT if you have repotted it and done all that work just recently, i would just let it grow and recover for now and then revisit the design aspect once it shows signs of vigorous growth again... like next season... i dont like rules, but a good suggestion that holds true for most all species is do only one major job per season... of course this changes with experience in after care and more failiarity with how a species will react to certain work...

that wait-&-see thing is why some of us with "ant in our pants" have many trees...
there is then always something to do while other trees are in recovery mode...


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