J.B.Pine readings

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J.B.Pine readings

Post  Khaimraj Seepersad on Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:26 pm

I am presently reading some science information on trees/roots and leaves.

Seems that needle pulling can actually harm a pine and it's roots. I never liked that bleeding, coming with the needle plucking / removal.
I usually try cutting to the sheath, and then letting the leftover fall off naturally [ any better ?].

In fact I try to only remove the needles that have brown tips, which eventually go brown all the way down. I assume that they
are about 3 years old.

Candle cutting seems to be okay ?

Anyhow I am trying get shorter needles with the least harm to the tree/s. Full sun, more bud growth [ too many to grow long ]
and anything else I can come up with.
Khaimraj Seepersad

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Re: J.B.Pine readings

Post  augustine on Wed Dec 09, 2015 3:13 pm


Lots of expereienced people up this way teach to pluck JBP needles to balance strength of the foliage. I do it and have not had any problems at all.

I do however cut J. white pine needles in the way you describe.

Best and Happy Holidays,



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