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Post  Khaimraj Seepersad on Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:15 am

Hey Folks,

I believe there are mixes of concrete that are able to withstand winter, and of course you can do like the Japanese of old [ zone 7 ] bury your pots, just see the old images.

Anyhow, for concrete I am suggesting if building on shapes [ the soil section is the shape ] upside down. Applying the stiffened mix over the shape and allowing it to stiffen a bit more and then carving / adding in information for the pot - feet, lips and lines etc.

After curing, you can try this, a paraffin wax glaze. Simply render the paraffin liquid, solvent or heat and add concrete pigment for colour.

I have a concrete pot using a wax crayon as glaze, doing well in our hot sun for over 6 months.

Will send an image as soon as I can, my photographer has gone on holidays, so I will have to beg a favour elsewhere.
Khaimraj Seepersad
Khaimraj Seepersad

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Cement pots  Empty Re: Cement pots

Post  Kevin S - Wisco Bonsai on Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:07 pm

i have made a concrete pot (the kind of crete w/ latex in it ?)

when it was dried, it was far too white, so i soaked it in water to which i added liquid iron...
soaked for a week or two, then rinsed thoroughly and then a clear water soak for another week or so.

this was in spring and i have had it sitting outside all summer now and it still looks good.

process details on our blog (might have to scroll down a bit)


i thought i had a picture of it with the iron stain, but cant find it right now...

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Kevin S - Wisco Bonsai
Kevin S - Wisco Bonsai

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