rose kusamono

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rose kusamono

Post  Leo Schordje on Tue Sep 29, 2015 4:28 pm

Miniature rose hybrid 'Jilly Jewel'
Picked this up as a young cutting in 2014
pink flowers are moderately fragrant, it seems hard to find fragrant miniature roses, and for my personal tastes, a rose without fragrance is not worth growing.

Downside of this cultivar, it is moderately susceptible to the many fungal leaf diseases that roses get, more so than my other rose. It was completely defoliated by black spot several times during the summer, yet it does keep coming back, so it is vigorous enough to keep growing.

My hope is over the years it will develop an interesting trunk. There is the mere beginnings of an interesting knot of woody trunk where the 3 branches emerge from the soil, better than I expected for a plant less than 3 years from a cutting.

I did not do repeated pruning this year, in order to thicken the base, I let stems grow out. After a few more years, I will do more pruning to reduce the length and increase branching of the stems I let grow to flower.

Leo Schordje

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Re: rose kusamono

Post  kevin stoeveken on Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:23 pm

leo - i saw someone on the forum who did some amazing work with a rose...

i forget who though... scratch

looking forward to seeing your develop.

kevin stoeveken

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