Will Baddeley Bonsai Workshops

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Will Baddeley Bonsai Workshops

Post  jtay123 on Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:25 pm

Will Baddeley Bonsai Workshops

When getting back into the hobby just over two years ago there was wealth of information on the WWW. Where this was a great inspiration I feel hands on learning with great artists is in my opinion has really moved my experience and skills on so faster.

I feel lucky to have a great artist close at hand where I attend workshops regularly  with Robert Anderson and a good friend who has kept my horticultural skills right with Malcolm Brown (and some cracking digging days).

After attending my third workshop with Will and Simon I thought it was about time to share some good times.
Arriving at my first workshop Will would critique each tree and suggest options for improvement.

Marking out some areas for some carving.

Nice larch with some big branch issues.

The chopping begins.  

No going back now.

What remains!

Tightening the image.

One year one in a smaller pot.

My privet for the workshop.

Marked out for carving.  

Ready for work.


Work  begins.

The other half.

Another Larch with Issues.  

Up for inspection.

The cutters are out

Less is more.

My Cotoneaster from Molly.

Cleaned up the dead wood.

Worked the deadwood with guidance from Will.

Pleased with the result.

I would highly recommend making the effort to attend any workshop available with Will and you can check out availability at the links below.  



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