Roadside pickup recovery. 25cm/10 inch Juniperus

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Roadside pickup recovery. 25cm/10 inch Juniperus

Post  leatherback on Thu Mar 19, 2015 7:42 am

Yesterday on my way to my veggie garden, I noticed a juniperus I have been eyeing for over a year, laying on its side. On my way back I pulled over. They had pulled the plant out by force (Tractor?) and with a chainsaw cut off all the main branches, leaving 30cm / 1 foot stumps, about 5cm / 2 inches thick. From the base of the trunk and some branches your foliage, about 30cm long sprouted and it still had a shine to it. My reasoning: Can't have been there too long. However, most of the roots were gon. Just a few dozen smaller roots (Pencil size) left over. Many of them exposed to the subn for probably days.

I took it home (Did not realize how small my car is!) and chucked it in a cement container, filled with water. I pulled a tarp over it to keep humidity high. Tonight I want to take the next step. Bit as a loss for the best route to take.

My plan now:
- Take sharp clippers and trim all the roots to just above the broken area's
- Reduce the big cut branches to a create a size that I can handle & place in the garden (Non-optional)
- Pot it up in a large well-draining container with bonsai substrate
- Spray every night, without soaking the soil

My question..:
- Does this make sense, or shoudl I chuck it
- Am I forgetting something?
- Should I put it in the sun or in the shade
- If in the sun, does it make sense to pull a thin sheet of transparent plastic over it, to create a greenhouse? (It will not fit in my greenhouse, as it is to wide for the door.. )
- Any other thoughts?

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Re: Roadside pickup recovery. 25cm/10 inch Juniperus

Post  kevin stoeveken on Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:34 am

only a couplafew things i can suggest and i believe them to be universal no matter what part of the globe you are on...

1) shade would be best to help it recover from all the stress, gradually re-introducing it to sun when it begins to show signs of recovery

2) anything you do will be better than what was done Wink

3) free trees are the best ones to learn on, as your only investment is time and sweat.

(and you probably did not need me to tell you those last two things)

i hope your efforts will not be in vain !


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Re: Roadside pickup recovery. 25cm/10 inch Juniperus

Post  Auballagh on Sun Mar 22, 2015 3:13 am

Landscape juniper?

Not much roots with this thing, right? Rig it tight to that pot, so it won't move and disturb any new feeder roots that will hopefully grow soon. Then, get a mister that you can attach to a garden hose, and keep the foliage on this tree nice and damp for several hours during each day when it's not raining.
Dappled shade should do for placement, and I would definitely protect it as much as possible from any wind.

Then, keep your fingers crossed and hope you beat the odds.
Not many of these things survive collection to be developed into bonsai, unfortunately. Sad

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Re: Roadside pickup recovery. 25cm/10 inch Juniperus

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