How an entrenched neo luddite is coping with Facebook.

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How an entrenched neo luddite is coping with Facebook.

Post  Bruce Winter on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:17 am

I tried to respond to a thread where Chris and Kevin were asking about a way I found to work with FB and avoid some of the obvious problems but it's locked. I too got the hell out after 2 days when I saw where it was going, but I'm back now and having a jolly good time dumping, I mean, selling, accumulated bonsai stuff of 35 years, and not being pestered by the usual complaints I hear about FB by following advice from a computer scientist friend who said, basically, "don't tell them anything!" Not where you live, where you went to school, prefrences for whatever. NADA. Just put up pictures of your work. Look up some world class bonsai artists and all you see are pictures. It takes some hovering over various little icons to figure it out but after a few weeks I feel pretty secure about it all. And it is nice to see what the extended family is up too.

Bruce Winter

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Re: How an entrenched neo luddite is coping with Facebook.

Post  coh on Thu Dec 18, 2014 8:06 pm

Thanks for posting your thoughts on the subject!

I still don't quite understand what kinds of problems are so overwhelming to some people. As I said in the other thread, I think the best way to avoid getting email spam is to just create a "dummy" account at yahoo (or some similar free service) and use that to register at facebook and other sites. Then, if there is any spam it goes there instead of your regular email. This has worked for me, I get very little spam in my main personal email account.

For those who are paranoid about their personal information, most of it is probably all out there already.


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