Japanese white pine care guide

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Japanese white pine care guide

Post  DjTommy on Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:15 pm

This comes from an article i saw in a japanese bonsai magazine,
Its from a japanese bonsaist called nakamura kiyoishi, his pines in the article looked all really healthy

This is his care guide, i translated myself but should be quite correct:

-repotting once in 5 to 6 years in april
When repotting use mix of 70%akadama 25%yamakita akadama (must be akadama from place called yamakita o think) and 5%fujisuna(富士砂this comes from fujimountain, put the kanji in google to see what it looks like)
After repotting i let the trees recover for 2 years before doing anything

For furtilizer i use greenking, white pines start making buds for next year from august
So between august till end of october i feed twice, also beginning of spring (end of feb to begin of may) i feed once, the amount of feeding is about 10 to 15 parts. In august and september every 10 days i drown the pot with diluted hb101 (about2500 times diluted)
Also doing this in winter once per month is good to keep the trees vigorous.

For desinfection of "some kind of small insect" you can use sumichion,marathon,karuhos (insecticides) its best to use smaller amount then what written on the bottle and then spary over the whole tree. A good time for this is around golden week(may) before temp reaches 25 degree

Watering i do the whole year often, in summer 3 times per day, spring and autums twice and winter once per day, especialyl in summer need to pay attention the soil doesnt get very dry, not enough water is the cause of root desease, even when you dont see any change this year the next year the tree will be less vigorous. in winter i spray the tree with diluted hb101 every day and every 3 days i also water the trees with it, this keeps them vigorous.

Another important point is to cut the strongest shoots around end of august.

Any comments on this? He uses lots of hb101 i find, anyone else using this?
And not touching the trees for 2 years after repotting..i think you can only do that if you got lots of trees...



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Re: Japanese white pine care guide

Post  dick benbow on Fri Nov 07, 2014 11:56 pm

was surprised that for the number of views no one had a comment.

The general comment I have is that over the decades, if I've learned anything, people can be sucessful at what they do and it doesn't mean it's the only road to rome. Here in seattle where we get more moisture then sunshine, My methods are adjusted to the climate and that means soil mixtures as well (more drainage with kiryu) i agree with doing little after repot but allowing the tree to adjust to it's new situation. 2 years seems a little much but i feel a year is good.

I've never owned a japanese white pine. My focus is on american trees. White pines like limber and whitebark.

Latest challenge is bristlecone. Just finished reading lanner's history of the world's oldest trees. interestingly enough he does mention for longivity the white pines I'm working with.

the picture is my latest design on a 23 year old whitebark raised from seed. next repot it will go into a proper pot and more detailed wiring will take place. They're wonderful trees. Larry Jackle from the denver area of colorado is our next club talent
this month. I will take one of my whitebarks to his workshop to get his idea of a nice design.

dick benbow

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Re: Japanese white pine care guide

Post  Andre Beaurain on Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:05 am

Thanks for sharing Tommy, but of course the article is only for the northern hemisphere. We ll add 6months on to your chart.

Dick thanks for sharing, Im sure something will become of your tree, for at the moment its still very emmmmm juvenile... in saying that Im still envious...

What age is the oldest Bristle cone pine?

I only have two pines. One struggling Japanese Black pine and one I treasure my Emerys Dwarf Pinus thunbergii broom style pine. Which I fed last year at the wrong time and now has this long needles. scratch

So the pruning and fertilizing of pines are very important people, please take note. Wink hi i

Love Light and Awakening

Andre Beaurain

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Re: Japanese white pine care guide

Post  dick benbow on Tue Nov 11, 2014 4:03 pm

a tree called prometheus from wheeler peak, nevada was felled in 1964 and at that time had 4,862 growth rings. Considered by most the oldest bristlecone pine

dick benbow

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Re: Japanese white pine care guide

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