Initial styling of ficus salicaria from Seki Bonsai

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Initial styling of ficus salicaria from Seki Bonsai

Post  KennedyMarx on Mon Jul 14, 2014 9:32 pm

I recently acquired this willow leaf ficus salicaria from Seki bonsai. From the initial picture on the internet I couldn't tell what I would do with it specifically, but it looked like it had a fat base to build off of. Here are pics before I did any work.

And here it is after repotting, defoliating, and wiring it out. A little sloppy, but not that bad I think.

I've tweaked the branch placement a little since the pics. I decided not to reduce the big knob area down to two trunks. Maybe in the future. Maybe I'll just call it a "naturalistic" style tree. There are more pics of the process on my blog ( if anyone is interested.

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