Croton as bonsai?

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Croton as bonsai?

Post  fbizuneh on Mon Jun 16, 2014 1:38 am

I had brunch last weekend at the Mauna Kea resort here on The Big Island of Hawaii for my wifes birthday and there were beautiful hedges all over the property with green yellow and red leaves. The leaves were a bit large for bonsai but still intriguing. I found out the plant was known as a croton. I picked up a very large trunk specimen from a nursery in Kona as well as a beautiful 12"x10"x4" bonsai pot. The results are as follows.

It stands 24" as you can see from the door handle. I know the leaves are too large at this point, but I think it might be possible to reduce their size over time.

Mahalo for looking,

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