Ficus benjamin problem

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Ficus benjamin problem

Post  twinsrat on Wed May 21, 2014 11:46 pm

hi all
I have ficus benjamin in my indoor collections. It was re-potted in january into 1/1 horticultural girth/cat litter. It was ok for first 3-4 months, but now it starts drooping leaves . they turning into light green and after that yellow . I have use once small drop of liquid food (ordinary plant liquid food). My watering regime is: watering when soil is dry in 1/2" under surface.
what make me scary its something what I have spotted at the inside side of leaves, in place where peduncle connects with a leaf. Al fallen leaves in that place has something like white woolly or jelly. It looks like peduncle has been eaten by something in this place. see pictures. any idea what it can bee?


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Re: Ficus benjamin problem

Post  Andre Beaurain on Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:10 am

You are now in your growing season.  

This is normal for ficus s to drop old leaves just before sending out he new flash.  They will turn yellow before falling off.  This happens normally ones a year in spring or summer.

So you are still a good boy.

But this suspicious looking vermin Im sure is a Mealy bug... check under your leaves for white fluff.  Spray with insecticide (also under the leaves) or water with systemic insecticide

Love and light
Andre Beaurain

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