Blue Juniper advice needed....

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Blue Juniper advice needed....

Post  Vega on Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:05 pm

I have recently bought 2 new Blue Rug Junipers. I have repotted them in a more traditional bonsai pot. Which I pulled the root system delicately to accommodate the new pot. I am worried that I might have repotted them incorrectly. No knowing the right procedure for the repotting? Second question, I know now that the Juniper in in it's first growth of the season, and the second will be in the fall. I am excited to start pruning and shaping. What is the soonest that I can start? Being the first growth season?


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Re: Blue Juniper advice needed....

Post  JimLewis on Mon Apr 14, 2014 8:46 pm

Did you take any pictures of the process of repotting? However, juniper are fairly tough and forgiving, so the repotting probably went OK. What kids of soil do you have available to plant them in?

I would wait 2-3 months before doing ANY more work on these. In the meantime, if either of the Arkansas clubs (below) are withing reach of you, I'd suggest you join. Local help is the best kind of help.


Bonsai Society of Central Arkansas. Meets 4th Saturday of every month at 10:00 am at the Maumelle Public Libary, 10 Lake Pointe Drive, Maumelle, AR. Contact: Mike McCoy, 808-371-2042, E-mail:,
ARKANSAS - Hot Springs

Bonsai Club of Hot Springs. Meetings are the 1st Thursday of each month at 6 pm. at the Arkansas School of Math and Science (Meetings are held in the main conference room of the new building which is adjacent and west of the main building - old St Joseprh hospital), 200 Whittington in Hot springs. Contact: James Harwood, 1110 N Hwy 7, Hot springs, AR 71909, Phone: (501) 624-7779 or by Email:

Jim Lewis - - Western NC - People, when Columbus discovered this country, it was plumb full of nuts and berries. And I'm right here to tell you the berries are just about all gone. Uncle Dave Macon, old-time country musician

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