Acacia alba new name: Faidherbia albida

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Acacia alba new name: Faidherbia albida

Post  Neli on Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:55 am

Now since I can post pictures and I am waiting for my junipers to start growing strong and recover from the climatic shock, I can post something from Africa.
This is a species I have not found a bonsai from yet...and mixed reviews from people that have tried it. Some mentioned that it trows off branches...and it is a strong possibility...but I bought them without researching the tree first so nothing to loose but try .
I have some in the ground fattening so I decided to try one for a small pierneef style bonsai.
This acacia has tiniest of foliage I have seen on acacia., short internodes and very flexible branches, with beautiful white young bark.

The thorns are vicious needles straight and sharper than needles.

This is from Planzafrica:
Faidherbia albida is one of the fastest growing indigenous trees. It is deciduous and can grow up to 30 m tall. It has branching stems and an erect to roundish crown. Greenish grey to whitish grey colour and smoothness is evident on the young stems, but grey and smooth to rough on older branches and stems. The straight, whitish thorns, which are in pairs, are up to 40 mm long.

Pale grey-green leaves which are twice-compound, have a conspicuous gland at the base of each pair of pinnae (leaflets).
This is a tree I started last year...wired nice and flat on top and went to Japan...when I came back it 1m higher...

July 2013

It was chopped back after this:

Sept 2013

Dec 2013

March 2014


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Re: Acacia alba new name: Faidherbia albida

Post  Neli on Sat Apr 12, 2014 11:07 am

I still have lots to do on it but it has been so fast.
03 04 2014 before styling

and after

with areas marked for correction

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