Old Scroll Remount

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Old Scroll Remount

Post  Kakejiku on Thu Mar 27, 2014 3:50 pm

Purchased this old scroll from an auction to be restored and reframed. I posed these questions on another site...with no response.
I got this one because this is the exact type of painting that goes well paired with a bonsai. It is very simple, yet complex. Detailed with the fewest strokes possible.

So I guess we can play around with this and try to discuss display in a little detail.
1. What season does this bird depict in Japanese culture? Does that vary from what season you would associate it with where you live?
2. What tree and styling would you pair with this?
3. With the above two questions answered, how would you choose to have the painting reframed (mounted into a scroll)? In other words, what scroll style and cloth colors would you choose and why?

Looking forward to your responses...

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