sunny beautiful day

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sunny beautiful day

Post  kauaibonsai on Thu Mar 06, 2014 6:54 am

today was a sunny warm day. a perfect opportunity to work on trees outside.  the main focus was a large kiawe (prosopis pallida) I'd collected more than 2 years ago.  the tree has a mostly deadwood trunk made so by browsing wild goats.  after initially struggling,  the tree has grown well,  so I felt confident with branch selection, initial wiring,  plus some  rough shaping of the deadwood.   when the tree recovers and is growing strongly again,  much more time and effort will go into styling the deadwood - the dominant feature of this tree.  next came a small premna.  this is collected material started from a bare stump,  so the branching and canopy development have along way to go.  meanwhile,  with the tools already out,  it made sense to work on the deadwood.  last, was  work on a collected  hibiscus with nice  trunk movement and a natural uro.  the single petal red blossom is quite large, so flower size nixes the use of this tree as a flowering bonsai down the road.  the trunk is nice so I am trying to grow a twiggy canopy in the hope that someday I can show the tree defoliated.  this is an experiment.  progress is slow.

best wishes,   sam





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