Bald Cypress - Carving Video - Year 2 for this tree

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Bald Cypress - Carving Video - Year 2 for this tree

Post  BillsBayou on Fri Feb 14, 2014 4:22 pm

LAST YEAR I posted a video on how I harvest bald cypress trees for bonsai.  In the interim, I've been fielding requests for an update on the tree's progress.  Well, I'm happy to say the tree has been doing well and I have created another video using the same tree.


In last year's video, I closed with saying that I was leaning towards doing a standard formal upright style.  Turns out the tree had some design problems that led me away from that.  I wanted a very large root removed and that caused a domino effect which is leading towards a heavily carved tree with a dual flat-top design.

I hope you like the video and where I'm going with it.  Next year's video of the tree will have me removing the tree from the mason tub, combing out the roots a bit, and examining my options on potting the tree higher in the pot.


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