Can anyone read Chinese for me??

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Can anyone read Chinese for me??

Post  Guest on Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:31 pm

Hi there, just wondering if anyone can read the name of the following tree.
It is in "Chinese" I am told.
It was mixed in with a imported shipment from Taiwan.
It is similiar to, but not a Chinese pepper. The leaves have
no scent, and it flowers white (also no scent). It says "Pepper tree" on the tag, but
the person put "Pepper tree" as did not have anything else to call it....
Easy to keep under lights, and has bloomed over the winter indoors.
I have not tried to make it fruit/seed. The flowers are white with yellow pollen?
A nice woody trunk and branches.
Compound leaves like a Zantholoyum and a Operculicarya, but is neither....(not caudiciform)
So...the leaves nor flowers have any scent other than vegatation smell. No thorn/prickles or spines.
I am hoping the Chinese name can narrow down my search.
Thanks for looking!


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Re: Can anyone read Chinese for me??

Post  GašperG on Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:24 pm

Operculicarya pachypus i think. It is mostly labeled as zanthoxylum piperitum but you probably have a young plant not showing all of it's adult features.


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