Photos initiation school with Master Antonio Fifth in Moyogui Bonsai

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Photos initiation school with Master Antonio Fifth in Moyogui Bonsai

Post  vetro on Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:05 pm

Dear Friends,

Yesterday officially opened the workshop which leads to the opening of the school which will be held in Bonsai Moyogui facilities throughout this course, the workshop as the course will be taught by [b] Fifth Antonio Bonsai Master [/ b] ([url = 20escuela.pdf] MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE SCHOOL [/ url]). I understand there is still a square.
I will now show you the picture of this workshop.

In principle I have to say that he had the pleasure to personally know the [b] Master Antonio Quinto [/ b] and the truth is that I was impressed first by his great simplicity as a person and then their high skills in the mastery of technique Bonsai.
Yesterday delight us all with a wide range of this technique and to know in this art, we saw among other things: design, wiring, work to bend branches with raffia and turnstiles, pinched pine and juniper (in the latter type of clamping explained another way to do it, that at least there did not know of his present existence), and etc. ..

I will now put the photos gradually

A greeting
At first I put this picture of an olive tree

Pepe and Antonio Fifth glancing at a pine

Antonio explaining the proper way of removing the leaves of a pine

Antonio's friend Antonio the other Fifth

Antonio by taking a look at a juniper

Mariano Quinto explained on the clamping of the junipers under the watchful eye of Antonio

Antonio studies the trees from all perspectives before making an opinion

Now comes the turn to his friend Alfredo ficus whom he calls El Marquez

Alfredo explained that this was his first bonsai and because of his name "Martin"

Antonio working with "The Martin"

Quinto did not spare the time to work and give appropriate explanations

Details of the wiring of the branches

His friend Antonio came from Alicante and a fig tree was brought to work

Observe that the eyes looked Antonio Bonsai, got inside.

For us to understand better their explanations, aided by drawings.

Anthony (standing) was concerned told us that her daughter had had a bad night, from here take the opportunity to know if it continues well.

Now comes the turn of the alfitriĆ³n "Mariano" is talking about an olive estubo and planted his position.

The olive Mariano

A greeting

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