Knowledge Database for Chinese Pots

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Knowledge Database for Chinese Pots

Post  juniper07 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:14 pm

Unlike Japanese and Western pots, a lot of Chinese pots lack any identification with no stamps or signatures (I am referring to hand-made quality Chinese pots). I understand that potters at the kiln didn't seem it important enough to put their trademark on their works, maybe because that was the norm in those days. Also, a lot of the old Chinese pots weren't originally meant for bonsai... or for any plant. For example, the old nanban pots were some kind of fermenting dishes for pickles, liqour, or something else and the really old deep pots with single large rectangular holes were incense burners around the graveyard for the wealthy. It is the Japanese who innovated the use of nanban and other old containers; I have seen pictures of some really nice and old suiban used as bonsai containers (with holes drilled ofcourse).

I want to know if there is some kind of a database listed online for the other half of the quality Chinese pots with stamps. I know that Ryan has taken the initiative to create a database of stamps (including Chinese kilns), which is a great start... but it will be great to add some definitions and descriptions around them. There are a few that Ryan has identified such as Katsumeisho and Syungado kilns which are great as well.

Just checking if anyone is inclined as I am to research more on Chinese pots. I know a little about 'Hotel' pots which are pricy but really nice Chinese pots.

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