Suggestions for growing 3-lobed Acers

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Suggestions for growing 3-lobed Acers

Post  abcd on Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:49 am

The big problem with acer campestre or acer monspessulanum , and all  the 3 lobded leaves tree ( except acer buergerianum ) is that if this species grow very fast in the ground, she is growing very slowly in pot,  buds appears on 3 or four directions, so, it's very difficult to create the first and second structures.
The solution is to put the tree in the ground during 4 or 5 years to create first and second structures , cutting buds to have not buds on symetric place  , look at wires all the days , a lot of water, a lot of fertilizer, change the place of the tree all the years , and then , put the tree in pot or in a wood box to create final structure .
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