The happy balance

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The happy balance

Post  marcus watts on Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:04 pm

How do bonsai clubs across the world happily integrate long term members, new members, experienced bonsai growers, inexperienced growers, those with a goal to improve their trees to the highest level and those happy to just keep an untrained tree species alive in a pot year after year?. and all into a 2hr meeting once a month ....

who has the club scenario that gives greatest satisfaction, and does anyone actually have 30+ like minded satisfied members?

cheers Marcus
marcus watts

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Re: The happy balance

Post  augustine on Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:48 pm

Hi Marcus,

The officers in my club are great floks that know their stuff and that is a big factor in uniting the group. We have a very active and hardworking President who besides working for the good of the group, is experienced and always available to help folks with their trees.

There are normally seminars/presentations at every meeting and people are encouraged to bring trees to work on. That allows people to get help and opinions. I often just sit with an experienced person watch them work on their trees and ask questions. There are people, as you mentioned, that are just interested in keeping a tree alive or working on junk. These folks are welcomed in our club. Maybe they will progress, maybe not. I think that is OK since some of them are very nice,willing to help out with various chores and basically do no harm.

Our club reaches out to the community by exhibiting at various places and conducting introductory bonsai classes at local nurseries. These are fun activities and another opportunity to get together with club members.

IMO beginner and intermediate bonsai artists certainly can get what they need. The advanced people in the club probably have to get gratification by helping and teaching others. They (advanced folk) may not learn too much at a meeting and have seek learning opportunities through various seminars in the area and interaction with their peers. (We're lucky enough to have lots of acctivity here in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US.)

I am at a level that needs lots of help and am not shy about asking questions. Therefore I learn at every meeting and also pursue learning activities and seminars outside of the club.

Any club of any type has their ups and downs along with good people, false masters and downright pains in the neck. This can be offset to a degree by good officers. This fortunately is the case in my club.


cental MD 7a


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