Morus alba of Lepanto

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Morus alba of Lepanto

Post  agundo on Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:37 am

This little mulberry born from a cutting of the trees that were felled when the Teletubies Park (Old Barracks Lepanto). Since then this training potted training. Still it is some work to do.


I get the tasplante, as already saw buds awaken. Akadama 50%, 25% and peat Volcanica 25%.
I have extended the pot to see if I can get fat and expect its evolution.

It's starting to sprout, with enough force.

Looking at the apex, the two branches marked with arrows only have sprung from the tips, so I decided to delete and create a new apex.

Here you see the area of ​​the cut and how it looks.

They are early risers, look at this drawing blackberries, Ja, Ja.

Not all are joys, this branch went bankrupt in an accident, bad luck.

Current photo of my mulberry, otoñando:

He returned to fruitful and growing.



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