gift from alan

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gift from alan

Post  kauaibonsai on Sat May 25, 2013 9:26 am

my friend alan recently gave me 2 old glazed cascade pots . they'd been out in his yard for years, he said. both were badly weathered and heavily stained by our red iron oxide soil. starting with the round pot, the most badly stained, I tried green scrubbers, soap and water, steel wool w/ acetone and lacquer thinner, rubbing compound, wd40 w/steel wool, goop remover, even wet and dry sandpaper. at wits end, having run out of ideas, I put the pot aside, thinking with all the stuff out, I'd at least clean my tools. while doing the tools, without thinking, I tried the medium grit tool cleaning block I was using on the pot. see the results

best wishes, sam




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