Portulacara afra var. prostrate - Another fun project.

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Portulacara afra var. prostrate - Another fun project.

Post  lennard on Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:59 pm

My newest Baby Baby Jade fun project:

I planted the cutting on the rock about 6 weeks ago. I had to wire the cutting to the rock to keep it steady. Luckily the cutting struck quickly and I could remove the wire about two weeks ago. The rock is very porous so the roots grew into the rock. I used dried sphagnum moss to keep the cutting moist. The moss used now is mainly there to keep the planting moist.

As soon as I am happy with new growth I will start working on the crown. Over time I hope to get some exposed roots and a nice nebari.

The whole planting is 9cm high.

Any comments welcome.


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