What is Penjing?

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Re: What is Penjing?

Post  Guest on Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:47 pm

One more thing about the coming penjing show. We would not be very strict in the types of entries since this is the first time/first of its kind. I am sure there will be much confusions as what would be the suitable entry, Our group are moving every saturday from club to club all over the country.and I am trying as much as we could to explain the basics of a typical penjing. but still we are not promising a perfect result. instead the only thing we promise the clubs is that we will have fun in the process and learn from foreign visitors specially from Robert Steven and from the locals with some grasp of knowledge of this Chinese style.

...3 more weeks to go more clubs to cover.



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Re: What is Penjing?

Post  marcus watts on Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:46 pm

Good evening Jun,

it is so refreshing to read you guys are keeping the first show entries relaxed, i think you have the whole spirit of bonsai exhibition completely right in that you use the entries as a learning process for everyone - already i am learning the differences between the two closely related styles and i cant wait for the show pictures - i would love a virtual critique (or explanation) of some of the entries so you can explain the outstanding bits.

K...that's cool and yes I know that in summer the Zelk looks like a baby bush Laughing , i never realised you had seasonal 'winter' trees there though so its an evening of learning. Re shipping one, yes of course - when the tree is dormant with me - nov/feb it can be packed and sent very safely, PP is a world currency cheers 

have a great show - i hope you dont get a tanuki penjing with too much growth !!!!Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy 

regards Marcus
marcus watts

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