Turning semi-bonsai Oak into a stick again

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Turning semi-bonsai Oak into a stick again

Post  Guest on Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:32 pm

Today, I got bored with the looks of my oak (quercus robur), which i developed from acorn. It has only spent a couple of years in the ground.
Somehow I always knew I would one day go for a total restyle, ever since it got to me that the trunk is way to high and the trunk diameter way too small. So the branche were 'too' developed for a thin high trunk. The overal image did not really match an oak.

Well today i chopped it, by about 25 to 30cm. Still not good enough, but it will have to do, or else I could have ended with nothing, and a shohin oak is not what I want Smile
So, 10 years ahead of me again now Very Happy

Repotted in zeolite-cocosol (about 2/3 zeolite).
Removed a big root as well
old front is now the back of the tree
going for a quite simple look, i used possibilites of dormant buds or starting from existing branch stumps

Enjoy looking at a stick Very Happy


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Re: Turning semi-bonsai Oak into a stick again

Post  Jake16 on Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:41 am

I think thats a great plan. I always think its nice to have a more elegant younger tree.

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