Some of the things I've been doing...

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Some of the things I've been doing...

Post  Gentleman G. on Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:29 pm

A Chinese Elm that had been growing in the ground for about 5 years... (not mine)

It took a while to get it out, but I managed! It's doing great too!!! I'll post some update pics soon.

Here's another one. You can kind of see it in the back of the first picture...

Re-potting a "winged bark" Cedar Elm... (also not mine)

A close-up of one of the "wings"...

Re-potting a Bald Cypress forest, prepping to remove from pot... This thing is HUGE! The stand it's on is 4 feet across... (wish it were mine!!)

Out of pot...

It lifted out as one mass!!

After re-pot. We've since adjusted the largest tree to correct the lean..

Some Bougainvilleas I dug up last year...

As you can see, I've been having lots of fun and learning a lot about bonsai!!! I've added some to my collection, and will post them under another thread. Hope you all enjoy!!!
Gentleman G.

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Re: Some of the things I've been doing...

Post  Khaimraj Seepersad on Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:29 pm

Gentleman G.,

much enjoyed, looking forward to seeing more and hearing about your Fortunella h., adventure.
Thanks for taking the time to post.

Khaimraj Seepersad

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