"Art Of Bonsai" by Rudi Julianto

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"Art Of Bonsai" by Rudi Julianto

Post  Rudi juliant on Tue Mar 26, 2013 5:23 am

Hi... IBC, just want to share my opinion of Art of Bonsai true my bonsai concept. Smile

The most important thing in making bonsai, to me is: how in the beginning we can "communicate" with bonsai material we're dealing with, in order to discover their best potential. "Communication" earlier is where the art feeling or talent of the artists involved, and this is where bonsai creation theories are based on the 'text book' is not used.
For in discovering the potential of a bonsai, is the involvement of the artist's feelings which is not easy to explain, and even very complicated to be taught. Embodiments of this initial step is to determine the position and flow of trunk movement (from the ground to the top).
There is a specific language for the artist to communicate with bonsai material being in developing part, but the language was not A,B,C or 1,2,3 ... language bonsai is actually the result of two-way communication between the artist and the tree appeared since the beginning of creation bonsai tree, to further serve the basic concept or idea and is realized via an expression of imagination freely and responsibly (the aesthetics of art, holtculture and the natural principle ). So the result is a bonsai that has meaning implied message that will be easily understood or could give rise to free imagination of the audience, on some level even up to an illusion ......And this is all that I call “ ART OF BONSAI “

To clarify my description above, I will try to describe by example my Pemphis Acidula following 3 years in progress:
This material I received from a friend in Surabaya (Mr. Sulis Ninja) about 5-6 yrs ago. Seeing the initial position of the innocent (naive) to be made in an aesthetic composition (ballance, unity and Rythem) absolute then that material badly require repositioning.

And the picture below is the position I have set, as best position.And the picture below is the position I have set:

I decided to use two groups leaves only, so that the flow now are more clearly, and create better rhythem. For that, I cut as shown in the image below:

So... I've got the position and the natural pattern impressive trunk movement .. watch live cambium groove, moving to weave in a combination of natural deadwood... just very exotic.

This is the hardest part of this progression. That is how to determine ramification that will bring the character of this tree. It is very difficult, because we are faced with the reality condition two trunk that move opposite (up and down).
Took me a long time..... I have not been able to determine what's best for this tree. Until the end after + / - 1 year passed, and the tree grew enormously ....
this is where I got the idea, look how the wild growth of these pemphis, twigs and branches that grow there naturally turns down over. (some kind of pemphis are like this, but rarely). Follow that condition, i decide to make weeping ramification of this pemphis.
Here is the moment where a design decision is not only the will of the artist. But it is the result of a good two-way communication with the tree does.

As nature shows a reasonable factor why weeping style is suitable for two this two trunk movement ( up and down).
So now it's time I make a basic frame as shown in the image below:

The picture below is after 2 years progression:

And this is one more year stage.... yet, but it is still not mature .. Very Happy

Rudi juliant

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Re: "Art Of Bonsai" by Rudi Julianto

Post  fiona on Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:29 am

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