Shinpaku - j. chinensis blaauw

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Shinpaku - j. chinensis blaauw

Post  sabamiki on Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:04 am

Hi bonsai friends
My first work in this year Wink juniperus chinensis 'blaauw' , nursery stock relative young material about 10-12 years
I love work on non touched nursery stock , its great practice Wink

First two photos from spring 2012y.

few months after dig out I do strong cut back to strengthen parts of tree that interest my. rest time of season spend on watering, fertilise and trimming strong shoots

Now time for initial stilling Wink

I choose front and decide to create "Sokan" form

unwanted branches recreated to "jins" , some strong branches secure raffia

few hours of wiring and stilling Wink views from all sides . some of thin and not strong enough shoots were not wiring because it can be too much stress for one time . I hope You like it Wink Greetings from Poland Wink Anyone has suggestion to pot ??

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