pyrus - cascade - first styling

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pyrus - cascade - first styling

Post  maraga on Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:38 pm

here's a piece of pear tree root i used to build a cascade.
as you can see there is a stone embedded in it. I really like this detail Smile

so, this tree was collected in 2009, then placed in this pot in 2011. it grew freely for 2 years and built these branches. I expected them to ramify, but it seems quite tricky...

anyway. this is the first styling on this tree. it's been done almost a year ago. since then I removed part of the wires, kept some. modified a bit the orientation of some branches... but I unfortunately do not have pictures of it right now %) will have to wait for this evening...

this year it has also been repoted. so there is no need for these outside wires holding the tree. i've organised it better...


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