saving the Indian Maple (CHINAR)

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saving the Indian Maple (CHINAR) Empty saving the Indian Maple (CHINAR)

Post  drbnpat on Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:52 pm

I live in Hyderabad,India.average summer temp is 35 degree celcius and average winter temp is 20 degree celcius. Recently (2 wks back) I have managed to collect a Maple tree from srinagar (Kashmir) by courrier.Average winter temp in Srinagar is 5 degrees and summer 28 degrees.The plant reached me at Hyderabad in a dried up bad condition,I have immedieately planted it in Red soil and watering it very rarely. 05 days back I have noticed the plant is giving rise to small fresh new leaves from the nodes. Will it survive in Hyderabad?what foliar spray or nutrition I sud give to this precious plant?Will it bloosm nicely? Should I repot it a different kind of soil mix? I WANT TO SAVE THIS PLANT , PLEASE HELP ME!!!


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saving the Indian Maple (CHINAR) Empty Re: saving the Indian Maple (CHINAR)

Post  JimLewis on Tue Aug 25, 2009 2:31 pm

Well, whatever you do, don't OVERdo. If your tree is showing buds, that's a pretty good sign. Try to keep hot, drying winds off of it. Build some kind of a screen, if necessary, both to block wind and excessive sunlight. Water sparingly, but don't let the soil around the roots go completely dry, either. Some mulch over the soil around the trunk would probably help, but be careful that it doesn't keep the soil too wet.

Your climate isn't real good for most maples, but I don't know how well Acer caesium caesium adapts to environments not its own.

A picture would be nice when the leaves come out.

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