Maple propagation experiences

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Maple propagation experiences

Post  63pmp on Fri Dec 14, 2012 12:14 am

The aim of this thread is for people to share their experience with maples propagated but cutting (or layering for that matter).

I have propagated shindeshojo by cuttings, as well as kashima and shishigashira. Of the three I have found shindeshojo to show very strong growth habits, actually growing as fast and as hardy as the species.

I live in rural Australia, altitude about 400m, so get frosty winters, about 50 - 70 frosts a year. Summer is hot with low humidity, max temp is 42C, humidity in teens. As long as plants are sheltered from direct sun from about 11am they grow well.

The shindeshojo cuttings were softwood cuttings grown on a heated bench under cover. I dipped cuttings into IBA 3000 powder, stuck in pure perlite (medium sized particles). Success rate was low, about 20%. Banding may aid in success rate.

Kashima propagated by the same technique, with low success rate. Plants grow like the grafted mother plant.

I could only propagate shishigashira by layering plant, so far all are slower growing than grafted mother plant.

I have had no success with cutting or layering with "crispum". I can't remember the correct variety name for this plant at the moment (I know in north eastern US they call shishigashira cripsum, but its not this cultivar). With "crispum" the leaf is rolled inward along the edges.

Would very much like to hear other peoples experience with maple propagation. (Doesn't necessarily have to be maples specific)


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Re: Maple propagation experiences

Post  Leo Schordje on Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:44 am

I have had good success air layering A. palmatum 'Aragawa', its growing about the same speed as the original. The original was also an air layer from a friend's 'Aragawa'. I don't do much with my cuttings, just stick them into pots on the bench, no IBA, no nothing. No bottom heat. Cuttings of 'Aragawa' have been taking, I would say I'm getting about 20%. And that is without any chemicals or heat. Cuttings were taken middle of growing season, semi-hard wood. That is my experience with maples.

Leo Schordje

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