merry christmas

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merry christmas

Post  phamvudiep on Wed Dec 12, 2012 5:30 am

Dear everyone
Caribou are recognized as species move away from most of the species of terrestrial mammals, cold resistant and adapt to change very well. Caribou identify the species based on the intensity and frequencies of sound. We - as a special species live only in some special areas such as the Arctic. reindeer in Santa brought the gifts to the children all over the world.
In Vietnam, we have only known reindeer through legend with the image of Santa Claus, and little known to a distant land, the climate half rain - sunny distributed as in security agreement
dry forest habitats characteristic coastal habitat is one of the typical and unique characteristics. There are plants such as Sam Mountain, (Antidesma acidum); Gloves Central (Canthium cochinchinensis Pierre ex Pit.); Soldiers (Vitex pierrena P.Dop); GangTu howling (Gmelina asiatica L); o ro Mountain (Streblus ilicifolia (Kurz) Corn; Gloves anchor (Manilkara hexandra (Roxb.) Dub); Scales House (Diospyros buxifolia (Bl.) Hieron), Plants often hold low, short, thick bark, small leaves, grow on arid and rocky road a lot.
 Every day this vegetation as a food source for many animals plus resistant to drought and the effects of wind blowing up the majority of the season leaves together into spikes, the top branches and aging and horns of time.
To adapt to the harsh climate, weather clearly define two seasons, this species is the same as reindeer, change yourself to adapt to climate conditions: to dry season plants die branches have to resist aging, life support will wait for the rainy season. sprout, sprouting continues a new cycle.
Based on the biological characteristics and special shapes like reindeer horns of this species, I have designed the dried branches and reindeer training for 5 people Raglay group to take notes reindeer in the legend of Vietnam.
Share everyone
 some urge that phamdiep manipulated to display the mini tree during the Christmas season.

Best regards


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