Larix forest

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Larix forest

Post  Weeijk on Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:54 am

Late Ron Martin told me once that for creating a forest, pre preperation is needed for at least 5 years. So I selected seedlings, all pencil thick to make a larix forest back in 2004 which were potted up in pondbaskets of various sizes. Trees were cut back every grow season. In 2009 I started to create my first forest, a few newly acquired seedlings completed the forest.
I got a lot of comment becaus I planted the largest tree in the back of the group, it was in this case on purpose because I saw the forest from the sun side prespective. There are the smaller trees in front. Later after a lot of discussion with bonsai colleaques I changed it in 2011 to what is now. For next year a transplant to a larger slab like bonsaipot is needed, since there is no empty space (negativ space) on right or left side. The empty space will be created on de leftside

What are your thoughts, what can be changed to make it better?

regards, Wessel






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