Dead Wood on Indian Trees

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suitable tree verity

Post  drbnpat on Thu Aug 13, 2009 12:17 pm

I need an advice as to what are the Indian tree verities which are suitable for creating dead wood appearence, also what is the Indian (local) name for [i]operculicarya decaryi, and in which place in India i can collect it!! I have been doing bonsais for the last 25 yrs...


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Re: Dead Wood on Indian Trees

Post  David Brunner on Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:11 pm

Hello drbnpat,

I live in San Francisco, a city on the west coast of the United States, so I can't help with your question about suitable trees for dead wood in India; however I can help with your question about Operculacarya decaryi. This tree is native to the island of Madagascar, so unless you find a collectable one from landscape cultivation in India, you will not find it for collection; but it is very common in horticulture, so I'm certain you can find a grower from which it could be purchased in a container. I don't know the local common name in India, but in Madagascar it is call Jabily, and in many English speaking countries it is called Elephant Tree, however the common name Elephant Tree is also used for a great many other unrelated tree species from many areas of the world.

I hope you find this useful,
David Brunner

David Brunner

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