Watering a baobab tree

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Re: Watering a baobab tree

Post  JB80 on Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:11 pm

Awesome thread, excellent info and some great trees. Thanks all. Smile

I purchased 3 boabs a little while back, one a digiata and the other two are gregorii. It's a bit like playing Boab roulette at first, when they arrived it was hard to tell if the were stressed from dunking and transport or going dormant but as it was the right time of year and the leaves were yellowing I haven't watered them at all and am just waiting to see what the outcome is.

One gregorii I believe is lost as it got damaged a snapped very easy and the part that came off was very pulpy, it is still firm at the base but I think it is a goner. The other gregorii did lose all it's leave but still has what looks like a new green shoot beginning that never dropped. I'm reasonably certain it is dormant as it hasn't done a thing in months but we shall see.
The digiata seems OK too, still firm and flexible so I have hopes for that one too. Might try and find a cooler corner for them but I guess I wont know how they are until spring.

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Baobab doing well, but still not sure how to get it to go into dormancy

Post  2bealive on Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:38 am


Bob (it has got a name) is doing well. I capitulated and sprayed with insecticide and fungicide (organic at least) and manage to get rid of the stuff attacking the leaves. Also removed all the leaves and moved it to a new spot outside. Less hours of sun each day, but being sheltered from our hectic South Easter wind storms.

He responded with huge growth, both leaves and branches and good colour. I had to up watering to twice a day, days are reaching up to 35 deg C sometimes now, and he is loving it. I have decided to let him grow out and go for a bigger Bonzai, will rethink the shape towards the end of somer.

All the literature I have however read, warned that they (Adansonia sp) can only deal with temperatures down to 12 deg C and will die if exposed below this, hence their geographical range are limited to the tropics and frost free "low-veld" in Africa. The Western Cape has a mediterranean climate, with winters occasionally dipping to the low single digits for a few days a year. We also have a long winter rainfall season.

I am not sure if this temperature sensitivity will be "outgrown" and if I can risk having it under the patio roof outside this winter? I am still hesitant to enforce dormancy by stopping watering while it still has foliage when I bring it indoors. Manage to nearly kill my acasia tree that way.


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