ROR Juniper Cascade

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ROR Juniper Cascade

Post  Brett Summers on Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:36 pm

I set this tree on the rock about 6 years ago. Tony Bebb helped me style it about three years ago and we just gave it another work over and put it in it's first Bonsai pot.
I am not sure this is the best pot but it is definitely an interesting match at the moment. The rock will be lifted about twice as high over the next few years but at the moment I am looking forward to refining the foliage over the next year or so.
I remember the species tag being Juniper x horizontalis. The foliage seems nice enough and it has always responded very well.

Edit: I took the picture after a 5 hour drive with the tree. Some branches may need a tweak. Wink

Brett Summers

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